Welcome to vanwesten.net!

Site setup

This site is running on a Debian GNU/Linux apache webserver.

This site is IPv6 enabled.

The (full gigabit) home network runs behind an OpenBSD firewall, connected to the Internet over a 500 Mbit/s FttH link, with linux and OpenBSD clients, mainly because the owner likes to experiment with linux and OpenBSD. There are several legs on the firewall, each leg cannot contact the other except when explicitly allowed. The network is run using vlans. Also a wireless segment is running, although only authorized users can connect. There is WPA2(aes) encrytion on the wireless network.

There are several DMZ's for different purposes: webserver, SIP server, mail server etc. Virualization(KVM) is being used to consolidate different servers on multiple pieces of hardware.

Currently 10 vlans are being used to isolate traffic from the lan to the other parts of the network as well as segmentation through different firewalls.

We like OpenBSD for firewalls/security/vpn gateways/internet servers, Debian GNU/linux and Ubuntu Server for internet servers, any linux distribution for workstation and FreeBSD for ZFS for fileservers. KVM is run on Ubuntu Server with ZFS through ZoL for storage.

vanwesten.net can be reached by emailing info (at) vanwesten (dot) net

Last changed: 20170306